Welcome to the Department of Electronics and CommunicationEngineering

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Our vision

  • To educate students with state of the art knowledge to meet the growing challenges in electronics and communication engineering.
  • To establish a unique learning environment for creativity, innovation and professional activities to instill moral and ethical values.
  • To provide quality and value based education to excel in their profession.

Our mission

  • To empower rural students into a globally and socially recognized environment in the frontier areas of electronics and communication engineering.

about department

The Electronics and Communications Engineering department is committed to continuously improve the quality of education by enhancing the knowledge of student and staff members.

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering with highly qualified staff is well equipped laboratories having the latest configurations and software tools. The department presents a unique opportunity to study the exciting field with guidance of quality teachers.

This course of study for a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering is to complete in three years as regular course. To provide a superior learning experience with a vision of the future educational needs of society.

The primary mission is to offer a high quality undergraduate education that is relevant to the future careers and lives of our students